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About Us: Our Mission
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Company Profile
SELZA Group of companies has made it a tradition of Introducing Revolutionary Innovations. Since the start of the group's manufacturing activities, we have been leaders in innovations.

We are adding one more Selza CONCEPT for the world to behold. We are proud to introduce to the ceramic. world, the revolution called DIGITAL PRINTING. We have made all 1he technotogica1 as well as design and Development exercises and are ready co storm the markets with these mind boggling new products.

for details, Digital Printing Technology in ceramic tiles enab1es us to print anything and every thing onto the tiles with Unlimited & Everlasting Colours. Feel Effect with Punches, Grooves & Tappers. Uni Ike the limitation of same design on a number of tiles. With this technologv, your logo or your photos can be printed onto the tiles.
Our values

Mission to be the leading manufacturer of best quality ceramic tiles and pledges to provide its customers with latest, varieties and innovative design products with the internationally changing trends. Through achievement of our aim we will enhance well being of the society. And through wealth produce more employment.

SELZA Ceramic is to lead the market with innovations in product development to improve the quality of life and lifestyle of its customers. Maintain the differentiation edge through provision of unmatched products and services to its customers at a competitive price.

SELZA Ceramic has been the example of great quality. Quality in terms of Employees and People. Quality in terms of raw material and products.

Quality in People: We train and re-train our people to improve their performance by just being alert about every activity. Starting from smallest procurement of raw materials to Controlling Kiln temperature and other parameters, we have made sure that our people perform with Quality First Mentality.

Who We Are ?
What We Do ?
Why We Do It ?

We are exporter of Ceramic Digital wall Tiles, floor Tiles. We have leading manufacture company in our country. We manufacture all kind of ceramic tiles size.

We export all kind of ceramic tiles in whole world as per customer requirement. We also manufacture Ceramic Tiles.

We know very well that before tackling any task, there must be decide a goal for the same. our promoters have also set some specific goals for the company.